Technology Solutions

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On-board mobile fishing logbook that documents, reports, and processes catch data for small- to mid-sized commercial fishing operations. The app's personalized dashboard, cost capturing, and supplemental fishing information (i.e. weather, ocean condition, and lunar cycles) allows fishermen to track fishing activity and cost metrics over time to facilitate planning by gear, specifies, season and landings to tighten margins and maximize profit. Integration with computer vision and sensors offers opportunities to speed and confirm data collection regarding catch and bycatch species, harvest weight, and fishing condition information. When used in combination with Market fishers can share and receive relevant need and sales information data with supply-chain business partners to stabilize sales or aid integration with traceability systems. Deck users that are connected to Dock speed their interaction with landing site enumerators and consistently contribute select information to an aggregated database, while keeping proprietary data private and secure. Status: prototype tested in Puerto Rico & USVI; market release targeted Q4 2016.



Shore-side mobile capture and immediate transmission of data by enumerators to fisheries monitoring programs. A mobile, secure, stable platform for building immediate and long-term understanding of catch and landing information by fishery, fishermen, vendor, and market destination. Integration with computer vision and sensors will initially offer opportunities to speed and confirm data inputs like landed species length and weight as well as vessel and fisher profile information. With time and testing, our goal is to use computer vision to provide accurate, rapid fish specification. When linked to Deck and Market, Dock's discrete data sources are used to reliably, verify, assess, and take action on food and economic security issues or ecological trends that threaten a particular place. Status: active prototype deployed in Indonesia, market release targeted Q4 2015. 

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Designed to make inventory planning, buying, processing, packing, and scaling more efficient for small- to mid-sized seafood businesses. Market captures and manages data to support the tracking and transactions of seafood being bought, processed, and sold. Seafood buyers can quickly generate and submit landing receipts, track, and monitor in/out processing yields, integrate with traceability systems, control inventory, and manage fulfillment of demand. Integration with computer vision and sensors offers opportunities to speed and confirm data collection regarding product form and weight changes through the chain as well as vessel, fisher, and business profile information. Dock-side sales information transfer is streamlined when connected to Dock to aid in the alacrity, accuracy, and reliability of fisheries monitoring data. When linked to Deck, seafood buyers and fishers share harvest needs and conduct pre-trip pending sales to help tackle the unpredictability of supply and demand, with resulting business benefits. Status: prototype in development Q2 2015; market release targeted Q2 2016


Combine two or more solutions for full accountability

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