After a decade of pushing the frontier of ocean planning decision support tools as Ecotrust's non-profit, Marine Consulting Initiative, in August 2013 Point 97 spun off as a for-purpose tech company and reorganized our work towards greater scale and impact. With successes and lessons learned over the past 3 years, the latest chapter of Point 97 is rebooting to bring global solutions and technology that facilitates the collection of trusted and more reliable data for fisheries management, seafood trade accountability, profitability, and traceability at sea, at the docks, and in the markets.





Charles Steinback  CEO 

After spending over a decade at Ecotrust, Charles has helped community fisheries shift the power dynamics of industrialized fishing monopolies, influenced the designation of Marine Protected Areas, and safeguarded inshore fisheries through the use of mobile technology. His leadership has further contributed to the development of advanced technology platforms that are uniting, informing, and inspiring decision makers on a wide variety of coastal issues through the use of data and maps. Charles was raised in the fishing community of Astoria, Oregon and is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon and is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Uncorked Studios